Far InfraRed Sauna Dome Detox

Ever wanted to treat yourself to the ultimate detox pamper session? You deserve it, after all – and we can help with this!

Relax your body

Improved and more restful sleep, and reduce fatigue and tiredness overall

Refresh your mind

Eliminate toxins from your body

Body Strengthening

  • Strengthening of your body and a stronger immune system

When it comes to experiencing the maximum benefits from your body treatment sessions, InfraRed have long been believed to offer benefits

With more and more high profile celebrities embracing the potential benefits that detox can offer, now’s as good a time as any to embrace this unique detox option and experience the relaxation and benefits that it can offer for you!

Detox Benefits

Here’s a list of why you should take a detox session:

  • Take a break from busy life
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Enhances the body and mind
  • Relief in easing muscle tensions
  • Metabolism Enhancement
  • Help with pain management
  • Keeps your body in shape
  • Body Strengthening
  • Feed the soul and find true balance
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • and much more…

InfraRed & Heat

This is an excellent detoxifying treatment with plenty of therapeutic and wellness benefits through Far Infrared and heat.

Reduce Inflammation
Activate your lymphatic systems
Activate your circulatory systems
Better Sleep

Infrared light – totally safe, we should say! – is effective for helping to make the body sweat gently, opening up your pores and allowing toxins to escape from your body, leaving you feeling fresh and less stressed afterwards!

The thought of a Far InfraRed detox can give you thoughts of spending hours and hours in the detox, and as relaxing as this might be, we don’t always have time for that. Life is busy, busy, busy, after all! But this isn’t the case for our innovative Far InfraRed detox.

A thirty-minute detox with the Far InfraRed detox could be equivalent to one hour of swimming, or three hours of jogging or more intense exercise!


Choose a pricing plan that fits for you.


  • One 35 Minutes Session

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  • 05 Sessions of 35 Minutes Far InfraRed Detox

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  • 10 Sessions of 35 Minutes Far InfraRed Detox

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How can I get to the centre?

The map and Contact details are listed within the contact information. You may also call to get more accurate details.

I have medical problems. Can I attend?

Sure. Our professionals will ask you all your medical conditions before taking the detox session

What payment types do you accept?

All payments are accepted.

Do I have to book before the session?

Yes. All sessions must be booked before over the phone.


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